As data becomes more and more critical both to the effective operation of organisations, and to their performance in an increasingly competitive landscape, the efficient and effective management of that data becomes crucial. Data Governance refers to the processes and skills required to effectively manage data, whether big or small, traditional or digital.

This two day course provides an informed, realistic and comprehensive foundation for establishing best practice Data Governance in your organisation. Suitable for every level from CDO to executive to data steward, this highly practical course will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to successfully create and implement a Data Governance strategy and roadmap. It’s your Data Governance 101.

Day 1

  • What is Data Governance – Introduction: what is (or should be) included and excluded from this responsibility

  • Why Data Governance matters

  • The relationship between Data Governance, data management strategy, master data management and analytics governance

  • Data Governance in Context – Understanding Data

  • The Data Governance Framework:

    • Data Lineage and Metadata

    • Data Availability and Access

    • Data Security

    • Data Usability and critical Assets to support Usability

    • Master Data Management (and master data management strategy)

    • Data Quality (and how to approach data quality uplift in the context of data management strategy and master data management strategy)

Day 2

  • Strategic Data Governance and the new realities (Big Data strategy and architecture, Data Lakes, Data Science, Data Warehouse governance, Cloud)

  • Organisational structures to support Data Governance – various models, strengths and weaknesses

  • How to scope and go about implementing a data governance strategy in your organisation, in the context of your data management strategy, data warehouse strategy, master data management strategy and analytics strategy

  • Steps to Implementing Data Governance