The Data Governance Maturity Assessment is a customisable consulting engagement to assist your organisation in understanding its current situation in terms of data governance, relative to best practice in your industry and context.

At the end of this engagement you will be equipped not only with a clear understanding of your organisation’s current strengths and weaknesses in terms of managing data as a business asset, but will also have a clear roadmap to address any shortcomings, and progress to the state of maturity identified by your stakeholders as foundational for your ongoing success.

Data Governance has been defined as “the collation and management of knowledge of key aspects of an organisation’s data assets, and the management and improvement of processes that determine the quality, usability and availability of those data assets, so that dependent processes and stakeholders are able to safely access fit for purpose data and information in support of ongoing business value creation.”

The Data Governance Maturity Assessment can cover any or all of the following key areas:

  • Methodology and Processes – a systematic approach for how Data Governance needs to work and needs to be implemented. This incudes an assessment of current maturity against best practice – the Data Governance Framework – and recommendations for uplift.

  • Technology – means having the right tools to assist in the processes, and to support (for example) knowledge management, master data management, metadata, data lineage, data access (permissions) and data audit (who saw what). This assessment can provide recommendations to address any identified technology or capability gaps.

  • Organisational Structure, Roles and Skillsets – who is responsible for which parts of the Methodology and supporting Processes, and a change management plan to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

  • Data Governance Roadmap – a prioritised list of subject areas or datasets which can be approached “one at a time” – start with the easy, learn the lessons, develop the technology and refine the methodology, then tackle the next one.

  • Cybersecurity Health Check – a key aspect of data governance is having the right mechanisms, processes and technologies in place to protect your data from bad actors both outside of your organisation, and potentially within it (whether accidental or malicious). The Cybersecurity Health Check is a specialist offering provided by biit analytics’ experts in this area, who bring decades of experience in key government/security agency environments – not theoreticians but real-life practitioners.